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Bangladesh Company and Comercial Matters Laws

Company and Comercial Matters

In Bangladesh, company and commercial matters are governed by various laws and regulations. Here is an overview of key laws related to company and commercial matters in Bangladesh:

  1. Companies Act, 1994: This act is the primary legislation governing the formation, operation, and regulation of companies in Bangladesh. It covers aspects such as incorporation, shareholder rights, director responsibilities, annual financial reporting, meetings, and winding-up procedures.

  2. Securities and Exchange Commission Act, 1993: This act establishes the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as the regulatory authority for the capital market in Bangladesh. It covers regulations related to public offerings, securities trading, insider trading, disclosure requirements, and investor protection.

  3. Competition Act, 2012: This act aims to promote fair competition, prevent anti-competitive practices, and protect consumer interests in Bangladesh. It covers aspects such as abuse of dominant market position, mergers and acquisitions, and unfair trade practices.

  4. Banking Companies Act, 1991: This act regulates banking activities and the establishment, operation, and management of banks in Bangladesh. It covers aspects such as licensing requirements, capital adequacy, governance, risk management, and reporting obligations for banks.

  5. Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947: This act provides the legal framework for foreign exchange transactions, control, and management in Bangladesh. It covers regulations related to foreign currency transactions, remittances, foreign investments, and repatriation of funds.

  6. Intellectual Property Laws: Bangladesh has various laws and regulations related to intellectual property protection, including the Copyright Act, 2000; the Trademarks Act, 2009; and the Patents and Designs Act, 1911. These laws cover copyrights, trademar


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