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Bangladesh Construction and Infrastructure Laws

Construction and Infrastructure

n Bangladesh, the construction and infrastructure sectors are regulated by various laws and regulations. Here is an overview of key laws related to construction and infrastructure in Bangladesh:

  1. Building Construction Act, 1952: This act governs the construction, alteration, and maintenance of buildings in Bangladesh. It covers aspects such as building permits, structural requirements, safety standards, and penalties for violations.

  2. National Building Code (NBC): The NBC is a comprehensive set of guidelines and standards for building design, construction, and safety in Bangladesh. It covers various aspects, including structural design, fire safety, electrical systems, plumbing, and ventilation.

  3. Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC), 2006: The BNBC is an updated version of the National Building Code, incorporating new provisions and standards. It provides detailed guidelines for building design, materials, construction practices, and safety measures.

  4. Environment Conservation Act, 1995: This act focuses on environmental protection and conservation measures in Bangladesh. It includes provisions related to environmental impact assessments (EIAs), waste management, pollution control, and the protection of natural resources during construction and infrastructure development.

  5. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Act, 2015: This act provides the legal framework for public-private partnerships in Bangladesh. It outlines the procedures for selecting private partners, project financing, risk-sharing arrangements, and dispute resolution mechanisms for infrastructure development projects.

  6. Bangladesh Bridge Authority Act, 2017: This act establishes the Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA) as the regulatory body for the planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of bridges and tunnels in Bangladesh. It covers aspects such as project a


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