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The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA)

The Supreme Court Bar Association

The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) is an organization that represents the interests of lawyers who are members of the bar practicing in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. It serves as a platform for lawyers to come together, exchange ideas, and collectively address issues related to the legal profession and the administration of justice.

Here are some key features and functions of the Supreme Court Bar Association:

  1. Membership: The SCBA consists of lawyers who are enrolled as members of the bar and practice before the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Membership is voluntary, and lawyers who wish to become members must meet the eligibility criteria and pay the prescribed membership fees.

  2. Advocacy and Representation: The SCBA acts as a representative body for its members and advocates for their professional interests and rights. It represents the collective voice of lawyers practicing in the Supreme Court and addresses their concerns and grievances through various means, such as lobbying and advocacy.

  3. Professional Development: The SCBA organizes seminars, workshops, and continuing legal education programs to promote professional development among its members. These initiatives aim to enhance the knowledge, skills, and ethical standards of lawyers practicing in the Supreme Court.

  4. Welfare and Support: The SCBA provides welfare and support services to its members. This may include legal aid, assistance in case of professional challenges, and support during difficult times.

  5. Collaboration and Networking: The SCBA facilitates networking and collaboration among its members, promoting professional interaction and the exchange of ideas. It provides a platform for lawyers to connect, share experiences, and build professional relationships.

  6. Social and Cultural Activities: The SCBA organizes social and cultural events, such as



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