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E-Comerce, Technology and Telecomunication Laws

E Comerce, Technology and Telecomunication

In Bangladesh, e-commerce, technology, and telecommunication sectors are regulated by various laws and regulations. Here is an overview of key laws related to e-commerce, technology, and telecommunications in Bangladesh:


  1. Information and Communication Technology Act, 2006: This act provides the legal framework for electronic transactions, data protection, and cybercrime in Bangladesh. It covers aspects such as electronic contracts, digital signatures, cybersecurity, and offenses related to electronic communication.

  2. Digital Security Act, 2018: This act focuses on ensuring digital security and preventing cybercrimes in Bangladesh. It outlines offenses related to unauthorized access, data theft, identity theft, online defamation, and other cyber-related crimes.

  3. Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009: This act protects the rights of consumers in Bangladesh, including those engaging in e-commerce transactions. It covers provisions related to consumer protection, product safety, unfair trade practices, and dispute resolution.


  1. Copyright Act, 2000: This act governs copyright protection for literary, artistic, and scientific works in Bangladesh. It covers aspects such as the rights of creators, copyright infringement, and remedies for copyright violations in the digital realm.

  2. Patent and Design Act, 1911: This act provides protection for inventions and industrial designs in Bangladesh. It outlines the procedures for obtaining patents and design registrations, as well as the rights and obligations of patent and design owners.

  3. Trademarks Act, 2009: This act governs the registration, protection, and enforcement of trademarks in Bangladesh. It covers aspects such as trademark registration, infringement, and remedies for trademark violations.



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