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The laws of Bangladesh are based on a combination of statutory laws

The laws of Bangladesh

The laws of Bangladesh are based on a combination of statutory laws, case laws, and Islamic law (for personal matters of Muslims). Here are some key areas of law in Bangladesh:

  1. Constitution: The Constitution of Bangladesh is the supreme law of the land. It provides the framework for the governance of the country, establishes fundamental rights of citizens, and outlines the powers and responsibilities of different branches of government.

  2. Criminal Law: The penal code of Bangladesh, known as the Penal Code, 1860, deals with various crimes and their punishments. It defines offenses such as murder, theft, robbery, fraud, and other criminal acts. The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898, governs the procedures for the investigation, trial, and punishment of criminal offenses.

  3. Civil Law: The civil law system in Bangladesh is primarily based on the principles of common law. The civil laws include the Civil Procedure Code, 1908, which governs civil litigation and procedures in courts, as well as laws related to contracts, property, torts, family law, and inheritance.

  4. Company Law: The Companies Act, 1994, governs the establishment, operation, and regulation of companies in Bangladesh. It covers various aspects such as incorporation, shareholding, management, governance, and winding up of companies.

  5. Family Law: Family matters in Bangladesh, particularly for Muslims, are governed by Islamic law (Sharia law) through specialized courts called Qazi courts. Matters such as marriage, divorce, maintenance, guardianship, and inheritance are addressed under personal laws based on religious principles.

  6. Labor Law: The labor laws in Bangladesh regulate employment relationships and protect the rights of workers. The Bangladesh Labor Act, 2006, covers areas such as employment conditions, wages, working hours, health and safety, trade unions, collecti



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