About Us

About Us

Welcome to the firm

Sovereign Chambers of Law (SCL) is a well-reputed law chamber established through a partnership between several Barristers-at-Law, who are also enrolled Advocates of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, specializing in criminal, civil, immigration, labour, writ, banking, corporate, commercial and real estate sectors.

Having regard to the multi-dimensional nature of most corporate, banking, and commercial entities and their deals, we offer a composite range of services to our clients from under one roof. Our goal is to provide top-quality legal services promptly, efficiently and with excellence.

In SCL, we believe in a team effort and have developed a team devoted to the legal profession. The team is young and promising, hardworking and confident. We are inspired by honesty, dedication, and integrity. Our team has all the talent and intellectual capacity required to go into the root of any legal or extra-legal problem, and to undertake extensive research and for the purpose of coming up with practical solutions in the context of Bangladesh, and where, in the context of Laws of any foreign nation.

Among other things, our team also includes a dual citizen of Britain and Bangladesh, who is also a Barrister-at-Law called to the Bar of England and Wales by the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, and has worked at the Royal Court of Justice, Strand, London, and hence we are able to render all legal services including foreign investment and other matters. Our team has an excellent working environment and is fully supported by all modern facilities that are required to produce prompt and quality legal service, efficiently and with excellence.

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